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Meet Jack & competition

Who doesn't dream of meeting a hero?

Jack is over on the Dark Faerie Tales site today as part of Fifty Shades of YA Boys - their last guest. (Saving the best until last, naturally!) We caught him in a less surly mood. So pop over and see what Mr Grumpy has to say for himself.

There will be a number of blog posts and interviews coming up as we ramp up to the launch of Treachery on the 16th and I'm also doing some author videos so you can laugh at my discomfort... see me. Talking and stuff. About Forests, and Greenmen and the Ridgeway. Or something. Um...

So stay tuned.

Especially for the blogtour with Shane at Itching for Books -

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This is another quick blog update but with some super news.

I'm going to be a guest at TitanCon in Belfast in September. I'll be reading on the evening of the 21st September in McHugh's and I'll be at the con all day on Saturday 22nd. Anyone there, please come and say hi!

Also up today is a guest post I wrote for Tangled Up in Words and their Why I Write segment. It almost sounds sane. Well, sane-ish. Maybe. But most importantly the Tangled Authors are have a massive giveaway which is open for about 3 more days and includes, among many other shiny & spectacular things, one of those elusive ARCs of The Treachery of Beautiful Things. Go and enter! While you're there maybe leave a comment for me, pretty please?

Brilliant post

Just want to point people to this brilliant post by  stina_leicht at Sex and Violence and Teen Girls

So very true.

Oh my...

I saw the final jacket for The Treachery of Beautiful Things today. It's so beautiful. Will share as soon as I know I can.

In other news for those of you in the US, there's a goodreads giveaway of Treachery going on at the moment.

And I'll be doing another giveaway somewhere soon. In the meantime back to work I go...
I've a guestpost up on The Book Pushers today, as part of their Fantasy Appreciation Week, on fairytales in modern fantasy -- Fairytales in a modern dress. And if that's not lure enough... oh all right, you can enter to win an author review copy of The Treachery of Beautiful Things!

The giveaway ends on 13th April, and it's open internationally.

Interview at the Open Book Society

There is an interview with me up at the Open Book Society website today - talking about writing, worldbuilding, & The Treachery of Beautiful Things

Come along and say hello.
It's Fantasy Appreciation Week at the Book Pushers.

I'll be there on Friday, talking about Fairytales and giving away an ARC of The Treachery of Beautiful Things... Just a little advance notice for you.

New Blog Post: The Patchwork Cat presents

New Blog Post: The Patchwork Cat presents - Camouflage 101

The catflap arrived yesterday.

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