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But that bunny looks how I feel.

I've just got back from my first salsa class. And I hurt. Everywhere. Calf muscles OMGmaketheburnstop! And you know they say women glow? I could light a freaking city right now then...

But it was terrific fun. I mean a really really good laugh. All women, which meant everyone was much more confortable and able to giggle over our mistakes. A lovely, lively, giddy teacher. Very hyper, but also very entertaining.

I still have all those extra left feet but at least I'm having fun with them. And the endorphins have me feeling better than I have in ages, to be honest. Quite giddy. I will hurt in the morning I expect! :)

So I'm finishing my lovely glass of wine, courtesy of e_w_h (isn't he good!) then heading for a shower and bed!

Tomorrow I will have to look at finishing crits and then I launch into edits which I've just received (for one of the alter-ego's novellas). Yay!

(I know, I'm wierd, I love edits.)

Just a quick note

Maggie Cheung Hero
to let you know that I started fencing lessons last night. It was great fun.

My legs hurt!

(Yes, I am a wimp!)

This evening I have to work out how to make the Hogwarts Express from a swiss roll, some madeira cake, icing and assorted sweets for Friday. (Yes, it's birthday time again. Both of them in the next week and a collective "We can't ask both families over two weekends running). I think I've found a good chocolate cake recipe for Saturday. Who knows what I will do for my daughter next week. Fork out the dosh and buy an extortionate ready made/decorated one - or make Dougal from a swiss roll again! :D

Ah motherhood...

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